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Be Sure to Bring Your Appetite, This Week! Chris Carosa Brings the BEEF!

Updated: May 15, 2020

This week's guest does not "wimp" out! Growing up in Western New York, state, Chris Carosa graduated from Yale, was a top-rated AM DJ (when AM still played music), the creator of a top-rated mutual fund, and a playwright! OH, and he is also a HAMBURGER HISTORIAN!

He has authored 7 books (with more on the way!), INCLUDING, "Hamburger Dreams: How Classic Crime Solving Techniques Helped Crack the Case of America's Greatest Culinary Mystery"

His entrepreneurial career started before he was even a teenager, and has taken off from there without stopping, including work in a carnival concession stand!

A life-long Buffalo Bills fan, he's learned to develop thick skin about things, but that doesn't keep him from being extremely light-hearted, even though he can be aggressive for things he wants!

The guys are VERY excited to welcome, Chris into the Lounge to talk ANYTHING he wants, but they want to, and they want to make sure to find out the history of one of their favorite foods! Be on the lookout for this WHOPPER of a show! Make sure you #grabalisten!

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