HOLEY MOLEY! This week's guest is a professional golfer! MINI-Golfer, that is!

Karl Barth, professional mini-golfer known as Mister Mini Golf and is an entrepreneur with two Mini Golf businesses! He left his job as a technical writer within a Fortune 500 company to pursue his love of miniature golf!

Jack Putt is one of the businesses he started, and it deals with doing fundraising for communities and non-profit organizations, around the country, with a portable putting game for raising those funds!

Karl, an Illinois native, now living in Wisconsin, will be a contestant on the second season of ABC's Holey Moley! He will be able to tell us about the ins and outs of the mini golf tour, and about ALL of the different courses he's been able to play, and review for his OTHER business, Mini Golf Reviews! Aside from his two golf businesses, Mister Mini Golf also hosts a podcast! Go grab a listen of Par 4 the Course: Business Podcast with Mister Mini Golf!

We are VERY excited to be able to talk to Karl this week! Sam wants to know about a certain mini golf hole "decoration!" Karl is going to be a great hang out! Be sure to find this week's newest show! Once you do, sit back, relax & #grabalisten!

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