We have a Prime Candidate for This Week's Guest!

This week's post comes just a day before the release of his show, but OH MY, you will be in for a treat! Comedian, writer, and actor Aaron Kleiber (click his name to go to his website!) will be in the Lounge this week! Aaron has an Amazon Prime comedy special called, "Grown @%$ Dad," but can also be found on other audio platforms like Spotify!

Aaron got his start in stand-up in the early 2010's and has toured with a PLETHORA (thanks for the word, Richey) of comedians who liked what Aaron was doing, and he took it from there! He's been in movies, and TV shows, and if it weren't for Coronacation 2020, he would be even MORE known!

He is a funny dude, and we are REALLY looking forward to having him hang out!

Want to follow what he's up to, on Facebook? Search @AaronKleiberFriends <or click.

Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube? Just search Aaron Kleiber, and you will find him!

Be ready to laugh this week, with Aaron Kleiber hanging out in the Lounge! #grabalisten

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