FBI, DEA, & Secret Service... They ALL Lost Out On Having This Week's Guest, BUT the Lounge Got Him!

This week's guest is a person who was a Division I wrestler, while at Virginia Tech, where he got his undergraduate and graduate degrees! From there he went on to work for 2 1/2 years in the FBI before being offered a position as an FBI agent! He also received offers to be in the Secret Service AND the DEA. Which did he choose...? NONE! He decided to write a book and do something else with his life!

Jordan O'Donnell joins us this week in the Lounge, and we are VERY excited to have him in! Jordan is the author of "Zoon Garden: The Decline of a Nation," which tells a story in the same vein as George Orwell's "Animal Farm." If you click on the title, you will go to Jordan's website, and can read all about the book, and where to buy it, and what Jordan is up to, currently!

Jordan brings a great perspective on things, and we are VERY excited to have him hang out with us this week! Go to to learn more about this week's guest, and be ready for the show to be released so you can #grabalisten!

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